Worship Gatherings

Every Sunday at 10 AM the Immanuel family gathers           together for a time of corporate worship.

Our Sunday gatherings are a great first look into our community. The early church gathered together regularly on the first day of the week to worship God and to hear the scriptures taught, so in the pattern of the early church we gather weekly to do the same. 

We gather for worship in the heart of Southside at the old Bonds Bros Supply building. The address is 2420 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233.


Upon entering one of our gatherings, you will find that our church is made up of all kinds of people. One of our driving ambitions at Immanuel is to increasingly become a diverse family of believers all united by the common thread of faith in Christ. You will find in our body both young and old, married un-married, and black and white. 

There is no dress code for worship. Please come as you are, make yourself at home, grab a cup of coffee, and jump right in with us as we worship our Savior, Jesus! 


Our worship gatherings are a marriage of structure and freedom. There is an intentional flow to our worship that, we believe, helps us clearly convey the gospel. We move from a vision of God’s holiness and glory, to a recognition of our sin, to the hope of redemption found in Jesus, to what it means to live as sons and daughters of God, to a celebration of the gospel through communion.

Within this basic framework, we want to leave room for God’s Spirit to move among us, convict us of sin, encourage us, and lead us. There is freedom to worship God as the Spirit prompts and leads: if you want to clap, then clap. If you want to shout, then shout. If you want to say, “Amen!” then do it! Every gathering provides space and time to respond to what God is saying to us through his word. The goal of worship is for God to be exalted and for every person to be edified, enriched and encouraged by the gospel.         


The primary focus of music at Immanuel is to make the gospel the focus of our singing. The content of our songs are what is most important to us.  Whenever you come to a gathering you can expect to find people passionately singing to God and joyfully declaring the wonder of who Jesus is and what he has done to save sinners.  That said, we also aim to mix the style of our songs so that the diversity in the room is reflected in our songs. 


We typically preach through books of the Bible, and every sermon is derived and driven by the text of Scripture. Jesus said in Luke 24 that the entire Bible is about him, so we aim to see and exalt Christ in every sermon and then apply the truths of the selected text to our lives. The goal of preaching is for God to be exalted and exulted in, for every person to be encouraged in the gospel, and for believers to be sent out as witnesses of God’s goodness and grace. 


We observe communion every Sunday as a visual, tangible way to celebrate the gospel and the unity believers have in Christ. This meal is the climax of worship, having been instituted by Jesus himself as a way to remember what he has done for us through his atoning death for sinners. This is also a time for repentance and renewal. We invite people to examine their lives and to respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit before taking the meal. We encourage people to speak with a pastor if they need prayer or desire to trust in Christ as their Savior. 

Immanuel KIDS

Kids are really important to us! They are never viewed as a distraction or a disturbance; they are a priority! Jesus loved and welcomed children and said that their simple faith is a model for all of us. As early as possible, we want to begin pointing our kids to Jesus, helping them understand the gospel, and discipling them to become faithful followers of Christ. 

All children are welcome in the first part of our worship gatherings as we sing to God. We think that involving our kids in song worship is a great opportunity for parents to model what it looks like to sing to God. The words of the songs we sing are great conversation starters for helping children understand the gospel. 

When we are finished singing we dismiss kids ages six-weeks through six years old to go to Immanuel Kids (IK). At IK your children will be taught the Bible and the basics of the Christian faith in a fun, interactive way. They will sing more songs, memorize scripture, do crafts, and play in a safe environment designed to help them encounter Jesus. They will also eat a yummy snack, so let us know if your kids have any allergies. 

Older children (7 and up) are encouraged to remain with their parents in our worship gathering. We are passionate about family worship and believe that discipleship begins with moms and dad teaching their kids the gospel.