Liturgy simply refers to the arrangement of worship in a worship gathering. Some churches are very loose and casual in their approach to worship gatherings. In these services there is little or no attempt at a cohesive, intentional connection between the elements in the service. Other churches are very formal and every single aspect of worship is scripted. We are somewhere in between. We think that an ordered structure and flow to the service is helpful because we believe there is a basic biblical pattern for worship. We believe this pattern helps to clearly express the gospel. So we typically move from a vision of God’s holiness and glory, to a recognition of our sin, to the hope of redemption found in Jesus, to what it means to live as sons and daughters of God, to a celebration of the gospel through communion, to being sent out as Christ's ambassadors. Within this framework we try to leave room for God’s Spirit to move among us, convict us, encourage us, and lead us. We don’t want to become so married to a form that it becomes nothing more than a routine. We want everything that we do to be meaningful and point to Jesus. In our gatherings we will always read scripture, confess sin, sing to God, listen to a sermon, and believers participate in communion (the Lord’s Supper).