Wisdom With Our Money

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Sermon: Wisdom With Our Money

Scripture: Proverbs 21

Series: Proverbs

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Sermon Notes 

When it comes to money and possessions, true wisdom starts with a proper perspective

  • A proper perspective of God – He owns everything, so He gets to make the rules

  • A proper perspective of wealth – It’s not ours, we are simply stewards of whatever portion of God’s kingdom He has entrusted us with.

    • God maintains ownership rights

    • We are given benefits and responsibilities

 When it comes to money and possessions, true wisdom follows God’s purposeful plan

  • 7 “Guideposts” to follow

  1. Work Hard

  2. Go Slow

  3. Be Honest

  4. Guard Your Hearts

  5. Spend Less / Save More

  6. Be Generous

  7. Keep Learning