"The Final Hours" Art Exhibit

We are accepting applications for an art exhibit entitled “The Final Hours”, to be featured from April 14th-April 30th. The exhibit will feature interpretive depictions of the last days of Jesus before his death.

The launch of the exhibit will take place from 7-8 PM after our Good Friday service. Everyone is invited to come to service and then to take time to observe "The Final Hours" display, meditating on the passion of Christ. 

If would like to have your art featured in this exhibit, you must turn in your application by March 12th.  Applications should be filled out and emailed to connect@immanuelbirmingham.com. Once your application is received, you will be contacted. There is limited space, so applications will be reviewed based upon the order in which they are received. If you are approved to contribute to the the exhibit, you artwork must be submitted for review no later than April 9th. You will not be allowed to display your work if it has not first been reviewed.

If you would like to make your artwork available for purchase, please be sure to place price tags on the pieces you wish to sell. If there is no price tag, it will be assumed that the piece is not for sale. Items must remain on display until April 30th.

Please help us spread the word about this exhibit, and be sure to join us April 14th for our Good Friday Service and the launch of "The Final Hours"!