From BHAM To Boston: A Vision For A New Church

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On Sunday we shared some exciting news...

From day one of our church's existence, we’ve said that we do not merely want to be a church plant; rather, we want to be a church that plants churches. Our desire is to fulfill Acts 1:8 – to be witnesses of Jesus from our neighborhoods to New Zealand, and all in between.

Our hope has always been that as we preach the gospel and live in community together, many from within our ranks would be led by the Holy Spirit to go make disciples in other places, both locally and globally.

We see this happen in Acts 13. As the leaders of the church in Antioch fasted and prayed together, the Holy Spirit led them to send out Paul and Barnabas for the sake of gospel mission.

Following this model, our elder team has been in a season of prayer for the past year. We’ve been asking God to lead us in the way we should go and to make his direction for our church clear.

As we’ve prayed together, our hearts have been increasingly united around a particular burden that we now perceive as a prompting from God. We believe the Lord is leading our church to send out one of our elders, Steven Castello, to go to Boston, MA in hopes of planting a church.

Boston is one of the most under-reached cities in our nation. Less than 3% of 5.9 million people who live there are followers of Jesus. It is a city desperate for Jesus, and desperate for more gospel-centered churches.

In our vision statement we say that we want to make the real Jesus known in Birmingham and beyond. We believe that Boston is our "beyond," and we want to mobilize one of our pastors to go there as an ambassador for Christ.

In this season, we are asking everyone to pray with us as we eagerly explore this exciting vision to mobilize the Castellos to go to Boston. We long to follow the Lord’s leading and to be obedient to His will for our church. We are asking God for clarity of direction, unity of heart, and provision of needs as we seek to open-handedly say to God, “Wherever you lead us, we’ll go.”

On October 1st at 6PM we will host an informational "town hall" style meeting where you can learn more about this vision for a new church in Boston and ask questions. Please make plans to come and learn more!

For the Glory and Fame of Christ,

Pastor Andy