Resources for Colossians Series


This Sunday we begin a three month journey through the book of Colossians. I am tremendously excited about diving into this book of the bible together as a faith family! I have high hopes that the next 12 weeks are going to be an encouraging, challenging, refreshing, and life-changing time, not in any way because of who is preaching, but because of who inspired the words of this book, and the theme of its content. 

Colossians is a letter written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Colossae sometime around the year AD 50. It was written to a group of believers who needed to be encouraged and reminded not to drift away from the gospel toward other religious ideas, but to place their hope squarely in Christ, because He is supremely glorious and sufficient to save in every way. That’s what the book of Colossians is about! It’s about the supremacy and the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. 

This is a timely word for us as well, who are so often tempted to doubt the ability of Jesus to fully save us or satisfy our souls. 

My hope, as we journey through this God-breathed letter together, is that our souls will be awestruck by the glory of Christ, and that the Spirit will lead us to rest upon His grace. 

To help us along the journey, I want to share a couple resources with you…

Streetlights App


Streetlights is a resource for listening to the Bible. The team at Streetlights have read and recorded the entire New Testament and hosted it online *for free* to use for our listening pleasure. And this isn’t your run-of-the-mill recording either. The Streetlight readers read with inflection and intonation, backed by subtle electronic and hip hop beats, making the listening moment dynamic and engaging. The scriptures really come to life as you listen. 

I’ve been using Streetlights to soak in the book of Colossians over the past few weeks and it has greatly helped my overall grasp of the letter. You can find out more by going to and you can download the app by searching “Streetlights”. 

Read Scripture App


The Read Scripture app is a great bible reading resource. It gives you a way to read the bible chronologically, in an organized way, and to track your progress. One fantastic resource available through this app are the introductory videos before each book of the bible. Each video provides some context and sets up the book so that you know where you are in the overall story of Scripture, as well as key ideas and themes you’ll encounter as you read. 

As we dive into the book of Colossians, I recommend that you download this app (again, FREE!) and watch the Introduction to Colossians video. It will help you understand the occasion for the letter, and prepare you as we jump into this book on Sunday. You can find the app by searching “Read Scripture” on the app store, and you can learn more by going to

I hope you’ll take time between now and Sunday, not only to check out these resources, but to pray and to ask God to speak to you as we begin this journey in Colossians. Let’s commit to being present each Sunday for worship, and to going deeper with our Gospel Communities. If we do, I believe this series will leave an indelible mark on our church. 

- Pastor Andy -