Making Room For More: A Giving Initiative for 2018

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Healthy things grow.  When you place a plant in a pot, water it, feed it, tend to it, and give it light, it flourishes and becomes a bigger, more vibrant plant.  As a plant grows, it needs ample space in order for the roots to extend deeper and grow stronger.  Sometimes a plant outgrows its pot, and you have to place it in a new pot in order for it to continue to grow and stay healthy.

A church is no different.  You may have noticed the signs of health and growth in our church over the last couple of months.  Our childcare rooms are overflowing with kids.  The worship gathering is increasingly filling up.  We are excitedly looking to mobilize a team of missionaries to Boston to go plant a new, gospel-proclaiming church! 

As our roots extend and our church bears the fruit of growth, we are feeling the pinch of being in a "pot" that is too small.  Our kids rooms are overcrowded. Noise from our children's area often travels into the worship room, causing distractions, especially for guests who tend to sit nearest the kids area.  The worship gathering has begun to surpass the 70% capacity threshold of feeling "full".  

On Sunday December 3rd, we will have a special giving Sunday to raise funds to "make room for more"

Simply put, we need to find a way to make room for our growth. The Making Room For More Initiative aims to do just that.  On Sunday December 3rd, we will have a special giving Sunday to raise funds to "make room for more."

Through Making Room for More we aim to raise funds to:

  • Convert the office into multi-purpose classroom space for Immanuel Kids and for trainings and workshops. 
  • Sound proof the kid's area through added insulation and by installing a new glass door by the water fountain.
  • Provide initial moving costs for the Castellos as they prepare to head to Boston.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to achieve these goals.  We are asking every member and attender of Immanuel Church to pray and consider how the Lord is asking you to "make room for more".  We believe it is the responsibility of every member to give intentionally, sacrificially, and cheerfully toward God's work in the world.  

We believe it is the responsibility of every member to give intentionally, sacrificially, and cheerfully toward God's work in the world.  

Here are two things we want every member of Immanuel to do in order to make room for more:

- Bring a Special Offering.  Pray and seek the Lord and ask him how much you are supposed to give. The Lord uses our faithful, sacrificial giving to reach, build up, and multiply more disciples of Jesus!

- Turn in a Giving Pledge.  This year we are encouraging all members to make a pledge for giving toward the 2018 budget.  We believe this will help you see giving as an issue of worship and  committed devotion to advancing Christ's Kingdom. Pledge cards also help the elders and finance team set the budget by giving us real numbers to work with.  


Let's work together, dig deep, and give generously in order to "make room for more" people to meet Jesus!