Family Worship Guide August 29 - September 3


A note about the prayer portion of each day's worship guide:
Hymns, written throughout the church's history, much like the psalms, provide us with a theologically rich and emotionally expressive vocabulary to use when speaking to God in prayer. Occasionally, like this week, we will supply a verse of a hymn that fits the theme of the day's study to use as a guide for prayer. Use these words for prayer as you use the psalms, pray them as they are written or make them your own. Reflect on them and then pray using the themes of the verse. We hope these verses are an encouraging and helpful guide to your time in prayer this week. 

Day 1

Jesus points out our need for rest and provides as our good Shepherd.

Psalm 23

In the creation story we see that God himself rested. He didn't rest because he needed to but because he was showing us a pattern of work and rest that we need. Do you see your need for rest or do you tend to overwork and stay busy?

One of the benefits of rest is that it provides us with time to reflect. It allows us to slowdown and consider how God has shown us his grace. What are some other benefits of rest?

Anxiety and worry often inhibit our rest. Anxiety stems from a failure to believe the gospel, specifically failing to believe that Jesus is enough. What are you often anxious about and how is Jesus enough in relation to those anxieties?

Take stock of the way you live your life, the way you spend your time, money and resources. Does the lifestyle you live reflect a bedrock belief that Jesus will provide what you need?

The king of love my shepherd is, whose goodness never faileth
I nothing lack if I am his, and he is mine forever
Where streams of living water flow, my ransom soul He leadeth
From heights above to cavern low, with constant love he feedeth. 
The king of love my shepherd is, whose goodness never faileth
"The King Of Love My Shepherd Is" Henry Baker

"King Of Love"
Austin Stone Worship

Day 2

Jesus positions his disciples to work in his power.

Acts 1:1-11

We are called to a mission that only God can truly accomplish. Are you living your life in such a way that must you be dependent on the Spirit to accomplish what you're living for?

We are really good at trusting Jesus with with the things that seem manageable. Are you willing to trust Jesus at the expense of feeling in control? Are you willing to follow Jesus when it costs you something?

When we are faithful in situations where we can't do it ourselves, God does way more through us that we can do ourselves. What is God calling you to be faithful in that seems impossible? 

Breathe, oh, breathe Thy loving Spirit
Into every troubled breast
Let us all in Thee inherit
Let us find the promised rest
Take away the love of sinning
Alpha and Omega be
End of faith, as its beginning
Set our hearts at liberty, at liberty
"Love Divine All Loves Excelling" Charles Wesley

Hillsong Worship

Day 3

Jesus proves that he is the son of God.

Galatians 4:4-7

At the end of the day we must either take Jesus at his word or reject him. If he really is who he says he is, the Son of God, then he can be trusted to satisfy us. Do you believe Jesus is who he says he is? If not in the Son of God, where have you been seeking your satisfaction? 

The kingdom will be like a feast where all of the family gathers, eats, drinks and is satisfied. Think back to day one when you examined the way you spend your time and resources. Does your life reflect a belief and a hope in that reality or are you striving to be satisfied by what the world has to offer here and now?

Pastor Steven said this on Sunday, " Jesus is the Son of God and He is the true bread who satisfies our souls and we will never be hungry again." Who in your life needs to hear that message, that they can drop all of their vein pursuits and come to Jesus, the Son of God, for true thirst quenching satisfaction?

A city filled with gold and light
God, the builder and the architect
When our faith is turned to sight
In whitest robes we will be dressed
Oh, I cannot imagine it
O lift up your head
For the day is near
We have no abiding city here
"Abiding City" Thomas Kelly

"Jesus Son Of God"
Passion Worship