"Can We Trust the Bible?" Resources

Many of the questions we are attempting to answer in the "Questioning Christianity" series are very complex.  Therefore, trying to answer every nuance, every argument or question, in a 40-50 minute sermon is impossible.  So, we decided to use the blog to provide resources for further study.  Check out the following resources on why we believe and trust the Bible to be God's Word.


Manuscript Evidence

Is the Bible Corrupted?

What About Bible Difficulties?  (This link contains numerous articles answering questions about supposed errors or contradictions.)

How are the Synoptics "Without Error"? by John Piper

Who's Afraid of Inerrancy? by Kevin DeYoung


Top 10 Books on Biblical Authority.  The Gospel Coalition gives a GREAT list of books on this subject!

Biblical Authority: A Critique of the Rogers/McKim Proposal by John D. Woodbridge

The Reason for God by Tim Keller

Christian Apologetics by Douglas Groothius


1689 London Baptist Confession


Was Adam Real and Does It Matter? with John Piper

What is Inerrancy? with John Piper

Why is the Bible Reliable? , a Martin Bashir interview with Tim Keller

Biblical Authority in an Age of Uncertainty, an interview with Don Carson, John Piper, and Tim Keller